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Provos provides the very best information on how to start a business, taught by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, and curated from high quality sources across the internet by our community of members.

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Interactive Video Lesson Courses

Learn from top entrepreneurs in concise video lessons, linked into a full course from idea generation to raising investment, and connect with other members to get advice and find business partners.

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Simple and Transparent

We hate monthly subscriptions, overwhelming options and walls of text as much as you do, so we don’t have any of them. There’s no tricks here, just great content.

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Wow, I bet it’s expensive?

Nope. You get it all for free, forever.

Learn From The Best

In each lesson you will learn all about how to start a company from the world’s best entrepreneurs. The lessons are curated by our community of users, where they post the very best advice they have seen for everyone to access. Sharing is caring, after all. You’ll then be given a set of tasks to complete so you can put what you’ve learned into practice and chat with others on the site to share ideas and gain support.

One Step At A Time

Within each category there are a wide variety of lessons, ranging from basic how-to’s all the way up to big lightbulb, strike of lighting moments. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start as all the lessons are logically linked together, so  you can learn progressively.

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Everything You Need

The learn page is a collection of all of the categories. We have numbered them in the order that you will need when starting a business… idea generation comes first and you add steps all the way up to raising funds and scaling up.

Our Vision For The Future

Virtual Mentor

Using the information you enter when you first sign up, the Provos Virtual Mentor understands what type of business you are creating and then only suggests next lessons to you that are relevant to your startup. The Virtual Mentor learns and adapts as you enter more information, creating a course of how-to lessons that is completely unique, ordered in a logical sequence, and specific to the exact business you are building.

Funding Opportunities

We are building the platform to connect Provos members to investors, allowing you to get funding and scale up your business with the financial resources you need. Like an online exhibition centre, Provos investors can find and connect with you to invest in your idea. This allows you to focus on what’s important – building a great company to enable you to reach your own vision of success.

Your Ideal Solution

The features for the future are just what we think will be really great for you, but the best part is that by becoming a member you can take control. We want to build Provos to be the best way for you to find success through entrepreneurship, so your feedback and advice will help shape the features we end up delivering in a big way. So if you have an idea to make Provos better, get in touch and make your voice heard!

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