Our Mission

The mission of Provos is to be the best way for you to achieve success through entrepreneurship, enabling you to lead your dream lifestyle. It’s as simple as that! Whatever it takes, we are determined to find the most effective way to allow anyone, anywhere in the world to achieve this, without barriers.

The exciting thing is that the path to achieving this mission is completely fluid, we have a vision that we are following but as long as we are following our core values, that vision can morph and change until we fulfill our mission.

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Our Vision

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Our vision is to create a Provos Virtual Mentor by combining artificial intelligence (AI) with our community crowdsourced lessons. As you complete each lesson the Virtual Mentor will learn what type of startup you’re creating and the stage it’s at, and then only suggest lessons that are immediately relevant to you. We believe that this combination of high quality crowdsourced lessons, only being shown the lessons you need right now, and community support, will create an experience that’s unrivaled when it comes to enabling and fast tracking your success.

Core Values

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Our success is measured by the amount of our users that become successful entrepreneurs.

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As entrepreneurs we love helping people to become entrepreneurs, because we know how amazing and liberating it feels to be one!


We know entrepreneurs are massive drivers of positive change, and so we want to change the world by helping you change the world.

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Sharing and Openness

We will never charge for access, and wish for this community to act the same, feeling safe to share ideas and take on constructive criticism and advice.

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Relentless Optimization

We want to deliver the perfect learning experience to enable you to achieve your success, nothing more, nothing less.

Join The Team

If you also want to change the world, we’re always looking for rockstars to join our team. Send an email to opportunities@provos.co.uk and let us know what makes you tick, why we need you on the team, and how you think we should go about achieving our mission.

Salary And Options

We’re an early stage startup that puts a lot of value on amazing talent. We offer very competitive salaries as well as great stock option packages, with the potential to balance between the two in a way that suits you most.

Work From Anywhere

We know great talent exists the world over, and not just within a 20 kilometer radius of our office. Achieve amazing things from any environment that suits you… whether that’s at work in the big city, from a beach somewhere or at home in your pjs.