6 quick methods to drive online traffic

The Shopify team covers six simple methods to get targeted traffic to your online startup.

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Great tool for viewing Instagram profiles and information on the web.


Shopify is a top quality online store creation and management system, making it incredibly simple for you to get started selling online.


The front page of the Internet, a massive forum for any kind of user generated content.


Write two examples of how you could use each of the following to drive traffic to your business:

1. Giving free samples to instagram influencers found through websta.me or iconosquare.

2. Specific bloggers and press with audiences that could be interested in your product.

3. Subreddits related to your product – construct a post to promote your product without being spammy.

4. Create a personalised message template that you can send to friends and family for them to share.

5. Find 10 people you can follow on Twitter that may be interested in your product.

6. Write a blog post that influencers may be interested in sharing with their followers and send it to their blog or twitter feed.


Discuss the lesson content, ask the community questions about how to apply it to your startup and give advice to others.

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