Constructing your 2 minute pitch for investors and hires

Michael Seibel, founder at online video broadcaster JustinTV, and video sharing service Socialcam, breaks down the components of your 2 minute elevator pitch that you should tell investors and potential hires.


Answer these questions to create your 2 minute pitch:

1. What does your startup do?

2. How big is the market?

3. How much traction do you have?

4. Unique insight – what are the largest competitors missing?

5. You're “Aha” moment – why you will destroy the competition.

6. How do you make money?

7. Team – has your team made money for past investors?

8. How many founders are there?

9. What is the distribution of technical and business founders?

10. How long have the founding team known each other?

11. Are you all working full time?

12. How did you meet?

13. Know the deal you are looking for – the amount you want to raise, the valuation and how you want to raise that amount.


Discuss the lesson content, ask the community questions about how to apply it to your startup and give advice to others.

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