Example: How you should and shouldn’t pitch to potential investors

Dalton Caldwell, founder at musical social media platform Imeem, and microblogging service App.net, and Qasar Younis, founder at business feedback platform Talkbin, run through two example investor pitches to highlight how you should and shouldn't pitch for funds.


When pitching make sure you do the following:

1. Be prepared before hand to give full, confident answers to all of the questions asked in these pitches.

2. Tell a narrative that makes sense – give real world examples.

3. Try to tell them something they don't know about the market.

4. Lead the pitch towards the details of the investment.

5. Put pressure on the investor about current traction and closing your current funding round.

6. Ask for money.


Discuss the lesson content, ask the community questions about how to apply it to your startup and give advice to others.

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