Simple techniques using Pinterest to generate traffic

The Shopify team cover simple methods you can use to get started generating traffic for your startup through Pinterest.

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Shopify is a top quality online store creation and management system, making it incredibly simple for you to get started selling online.


Pinterest is a visual discovery tool, great for finding project ideas or showing off visual media of your own.


1. Use rich pins to attach more information to your pictures such as pricing and stock information.

2. Create 3 beautiful picture pins of your product without faces, using multiple dominant colours and have a large, long image for the best results.

3. Find 10 inspirational and lifestyle pins to compliment your product ones.

4. Find 3 popular trends via search terms and think of how you can turn each to promote your product.

5. Think of one competition you could use to increase engagement with your audience.

6. Find 5 influencers that have content relating to yours and create a message that asks them to guest pin for you.

7. Think of two group boards that would engage your followers – potentially ones of them using your product(s).


Discuss the lesson content, ask the community questions about how to apply it to your startup and give advice to others.

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