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Create A Profile

Your profile is an excellent way to promote your own startup and message other startup founders on Provos. As an exhibition of your skills and what you’re working on, the more you put here, the more other members will connect with you to form partnerships, share ideas and help you succeed.

Join The Discussion

Get real time advice, feedback and tips from the Provos community. Post questions about the lesson you’ve just watched, or get help for an issue with your startup that relates to the lesson content. Think of this like free consultancy sessions from others on the same journey as you.

Create A Lesson

Build your reputation among the community by creating lessons out of useful startup videos you find. All lessons you create link back to your profile, which then links to your startup’s website, so it’s a great way to gain exposure, connect with other members and gather feedback for your own startup.

What You’ll Get Soon

Startup Log

The task sections of lessons will soon have boxes for you to write your answers to questions and to test yourself with quizzes and time challenges. Everything you fill in on each lesson will be recorded, in the right order, to your personal profile, so you can start to build up a log of your business and strategy plan for your startup automatically, just by completing the lessons.


Quickly find anything on the site using a powerful search tool. Search by keywords, by presenter, or by category to find the perfect information in the right lesson. You can also find the profiles of Provos members, searching by name, the skills they have, or the skills they are looking for. You can then network and message them to get advice, talk about business opportunities or even to find your perfect cofounder.


We reward you for reaching milestones with your startup and for helping out members of the Provos community. For example, give great feedback to community members and we can promote your product’s feedback form so you can get some in return, or give great contributions to the discussions in lessons and we can highlight your profile as a “Startup Guru” in the profile search.

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